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laser welding machine, w 30 / 60 / 90

Model (Code/Part, Size): W 30 / 60 / 90
Brand: Han's Laser
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Port Of Loading: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
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 Pro Supplier

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 Address Số 12, Đường 17, P.10, Q.6, TP.HCM (View map)
 Contact person Ms. Bình
 Telephone 01657327950
 Supplier Supplier's page
  • Small Heat Affected Zone In Welds Created
  • Fine, Smooth And Pretty Welding Spot Without Post-Welding Processing
  • Strong And Invisible High-Quality Repairs Can Be Realized In A Very Short Time
  • Quick And Good Quality Welding Without Pollution, Efficient And Environmental


This Series Laser Welder Can Weld The Same Materials Like Titanium, Nickel, Tin, Copper And Aluminum Etc. It Is Widely Applied In Mobile Phone Batteries, Sensors, Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, Electronic Components, Eyeglasses, Crafts, Precision Instruments A
Model W30 W60
Laser Type  YAG    YAG  
Laser Wavelegth  1064nm    1064nm  
Max. Laser Output Power  >30W    >60W  
Max. Laser Peak Power  7KW    6KW  
Max. Laser Pluse Energy  30J/6ms    30J/6ms ( Option: 60J/12ms)  
Pluse Width  0.5-1 0ms    0.1-10ms(Option: 20ms)  
Pluse Frquency  0.5-8 Hz    0.5-20Hz  
Number Of Pulse Shape   50 Group  50 Group
Closed Loop Feed Back Function Current Feedback Current Feedback
Aiming Position Microscopy  LEICA Microscopy
Cooling Method Air Cooling Air Cooling
Power Consumption  1.8KW   3KW 
Power Supply  220V±5% /15A    220V±5%  / 20A  
Weight  60Kg    225Kg  
Dimension(LxWxH, Mm)  650×500×540    1080×560×1100 
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